Why Colloidal Silver Should Be Used Instead Of Antibiotics?

colloidal silver vs antibiotics


Silver colloidal is fast becoming one of the most used medical tools of today. As more people look to find safer ways to treat injuries and infections and keep their health in general condition, newer techniques become popular. However, is silver colloidal going to be the one tool everyone will turn to in the future? Why are more people looking to colloidal silver rather than antibiotics?

No Antibiotic Resistance

Most people will know that when someone uses antibiotics they will help to fight infections; but many might not be aware that long-term use could cause a resistance to the antibiotic. This can of course cause many issues because building up a resistance to antibiotics may prevent someone from fighting an infection later. However, silver colloidal doesn’t cause any resistance.

Colloidal Silver Can Be Used To Treat Topical Wounds

One of the very best reasons as to why more people are turning away from antibiotics and to colloidal silver is because of the endless benefits. One of the top colloidal silver benefits has to be the ability to treat some topical wounds. Injuries such as minor burns may be treated through the use of colloidal silver. The reason why it can treat a topical wound is simply because it has anti-fungal properties; and it is these properties which allow the injuries to be treated safely.  See more here : http://www.proteinmarkers.com.

Can Be Used As an Anti-Inflammatory

Another great factor to come from silver colloidal is that it works as a powerful anti-inflammatory. This is truly wonderful because natural anti-inflammatory products are hard to come by. However, it does seem as though colloidal silver is able to offer that and more. For this reason, more people look away from regular or standard antibiotics and to this. Of course, having a good anti-inflammatory is important for the body because one little mishap and things can turn bad very quickly.

Should Silver Colloidal Be Used?

To be honest, there is a big debate at the moment over whether or not silver colloidal should be used and it looks set to continue. Unfortunately it does seem that some of the facts out there are confusing and it is causing millions to avoid silver colloidal at all costs. However, there is some supporting evidence to say it can be a really great tool to use and there are lots of colloidal silver benefits too but still, a lot is unknown. This has caused millions to be convinced it isn’t a good solution to consider.

Make an Informed Decision

The truth of the matter is colloidal silver is very much new and that effectively scares most people. Whenever something new hits the scene, it is often met with a lot of skepticism and worry. This means most will avoid the new product for as long as possible just in case it isn’t good for them. However, there does seem to be more people looking at colloidal silver and it isn’t hard to see why. The benefits look impressive but before you consider using this, you should ensure you know what silver colloidal is and the benefits of using it also.


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