How to use the Colloidal Silver with the Hot Tub or Spa

colloidal-silver-NAThere are so many people are eager to know if colloidal silver can be used as a disinfectant in places with harsh, as well as potential toxic chemicals caused by chlorine and bromine. From my personal experience, the use of disinfectant colloidal silver is very applicable. You can use it with a 500 gallon hot tab where you use ¼ per week of the ppm micro-particles of the disinfectant, and this will eliminate any use of harsh chemicals like chlorine as well as bromine. This is very workable with the people who treat water using chemicals and to those who hate the smell of the chemicals.

Getting Started With Colloidal Silver

The cost of making a ¼ of colloidal silver using high-quality generator is 36 cents. This will quickly replace the chlorine, other harsh chemicals such as bromine with the safe use of natural mineral silver which is widely used for its powerful ability to soothe skin, as well as healing benefits. In replacing the use of harsh chemicals with the hot tab as well as a spa, you first empty the tub then scrub it clean while you rinse it and then refill it with clean, fresh water.

Then add 2¼ of 10pm colloidal silver that shocks the water. This waits for a week where the amount is reduced to a single ¼ every week. To test the performance the water should be fresh and crystal clean while you use the tub. If the water remains sparkling clear and fresh with no slime on the tub then, you should maintain the use of ¼ of the disinfectant each week. If the water does not give the desired result then, you should add the disinfectant gradually until the results are vivid.

There are a number of ways hat can determine the effectiveness of the amount of colloidal silver you will use.

 How much water is held in the tub
 How often the tub is used
 If there are people who use the tub with suntan lotion, as well as skin cream on
 Is the water in the hot tub or spa exposed to the sun

The best amount of silver colloidal

If your tub holds a large quantity of water then, you will need more of the colloidal silver each week. The frequency of use of the tub means still more silver colloidal is required to keep the quality at its best.

If most all any of the people who use the tub happen to wear any of suntan lotion and cream then, some of the lotions will wash-off in the tub making the water very unclear. The tiny healing silver water particles will bond with the lotion then later they will form large particles that will eventually get removed by the hot tub filters hence leaving the water unsafe. In cases where the lotions are involved colloidal silver need to be added more often say three times in a week for maintaining the water freshness, as well as disinfection.

Water that is exposed to the sun regularly needs more of the disinfectant as the light as well as the sun will neutralize the silver particles making the water unsafe. The infusion should involve a large quantity of colloidal silver for the excellent result.

Most people who have no hot tub are creating their colloidal silver lake” like the sovereign silver, in Russia where people go for healing as well as immunity boost


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