Very Best Wellness Protection With Ionic Colloidal Silver

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Wellness protection is important for everyone. Longevity and a happy, healthy life is paramount. In order to be healthy, persons have to find ways in which to protect themselves from harmful diseases or bacteria. One such way which has re-surfaced is the use of colloidal silver water. This method of treatment was used hundreds of years ago but was discontinued due to the development of antibiotics and different types of medications. Many persons have started to use colloidal silver water and have seen many benefits.

What is Ionic Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver refers to when microscopic colloids of silver are suspended in an aqueous solution. One such aqueous solution can be demineralized water. Technically, colloids are considered as particles that remain suspended for an unspecified period of time in liquid and do not dissolve or form any ionic solution. It can be simply called colloidal silver water.

Colloidal Silver for Therapeutic Use Goes Far Back

Colloidal silver uses have been therapeutic for hundreds of years as it has been used for a long time as an internal medication to treat many diseases. Before there was penicillin and antibiotics such as vancomycin and methicillin, one of the leading remedies was colloidal silver.Reports in May 2000 show that Dr. Ron Leavitt of Brigham Young University concluded that a good quality colloidal silver could serve as an alternative to antibiotic.

How Ionic Colloidal Silver Helps With Wellness Protection

Colloidal silver water comes from a procedure which produces a remedy with silver in it which you can drink or apply to affected areas. Colloidal silver is just used as a supplement and comes in different strengths.Alchemists of the past have used silver because of its great properties, one of which is order. Silver is naturally a metal of order and has been reported to have destroyed over 500 pathogens, diseases and germs.As it relates to a person’s health, it is important to know that colloidal silver does not attack or harm the friendlyaerobic bacteria which the body needs as it only attacks the harmful bacteria and pathogens that are anaerobic in nature.

Colloidal silver attacks the bacteria in an indirect way because it disables the enzyme that is required for the viruses, yeast, mold and anaerobic bacteria to survive – without causing any harm to parts of the human body chemistry or human enzymes.It has been reported that bacteria cannot develop resistance to colloidal silver.Once the directions of use pf colloidal silver water are followed properly and it is used responsibly then it is very safe and beneficially. Colloidal silver water has been used for water purification, oral care, nasal irrigation, household cleaning, conjunctivitis and skin care. It is important to ensure that a trained professional is consulted before taking any colloidal silver treatments.

A professional will ensure that a true colloidal silver is used and in realistic, safe dosages. Better nites about dosages are in this site: https://www.natural-immunogenics.com/stay-informed/. If someone is already allergic to silver then colloidal silver water should never be considered an option to treat them. Everyone responds differently to it and everyone’s story will be different.


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